Intramural Big & Little Kickers

Updated Saturday December 1, 2018 by Amityville Soccer.

Spring 2019 Program Overview

* ALL SESSIONS 2x Per Week (Big & Little Kickers)

* All activities located at James Caple Park (Amityville Beach)

* Program begins the week of first week of April and runs fro 8 weeks  

* Amityville Soccer is a volunteer non-profit organazition, new volunteers are welcome. 

FAQ: Is attendace mandatory at all the sessions if my child is not avaiable?  

ANSWER:  NO.   Big Kickers and Little Kickers is a recreational program desgined to introduce children to the game of soccer, help them develop foundational skills,  self esteem, and teamwork.  If your child is not avaiable to particapte in any specific training session that is fine. 

Intramural Program Coordinator -  Eric Meyer -  


INTRAMURAL SOCCER:                             

Program A:                           Registration Fee                          Birth Year           

Little Kickers                                  $95.00                                    2017, 2016

Training, 2x per week  

Aprrox. 60- 75 Min.

Program B:                                 Registration Fee                                   Birth Year                   

Big Kickers                                     $95.00                                            2015, 2014, 2013

Training, 2x per week  

Aprrox 75 Min..