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For assistance with Travel Soccer (LIJ, NYCSL, SSI),

Fall 2018 Registration is Open - It's Not Too Late!

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Updated Thursday September 6, 2018 by Amityville Soccer.

Travel Team and Intramural Registration is OPEN



Big Kicker & Little Kickers - Fall 2019

Local Intramural

Starts Sept 14, 10 AM - 11:15 AM (Week One is a Free Clinic)
Program will run for 6 week, 2x per week:

Thursday's 6 PM
Saturday's 10 AM

Little Kickers and Big Kickers $95 Per Player

Fall 2019- Travel Soccer (LIJ, NYCSL, SSI,...)

Our Spring 2019 team registration is now open; visit or new bilingual website at All returning player must be registered by Jan 3, 2019.

To ensure Amityville Soccer remains the one of the most reasonably priced, high quality soccer programs we have adopted the following policy.

All players will pay Amityville Soccer based upon the following fee schedule:

SSI, LIJSL, NYPL Players - $185 (Includes all league fees, excluding training)

EPD Players - $225 (Includes all league fees, excluding training)

Note: At the start of every season coaches and trainers will develop a team training program (frequency, duration) based upon the cost model below, equally shared across all registered players. Training fee's will be paid directly to our training partner (Next Level Soccer) at the start of the season.

1 Training Session Per Week = $100 per week for the entire team

2 Training Sessions Per Week = $200 per week for the entire team

3 Training Sessions Per Week = $300 per week for the entire team

Each game the Trainer attends = $50 per game for the entire team

Lastly, Amityville Soccer is seeking help to provide aid for those families in need. Please consider donating via our clubs Sponsor a Child Program or simply share this program through your social network. 100% of the funds raised offset the registration and equipment cost for players in our club. Our budget for hardship grants will equal the amount of money we have collectively raised through this program.